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Revolutionise your home entertainment experience with Panasonic

Revolutionise home entertainment

The superb resolution of Ultra-High Definition 4K picture quality is taking the home entertainment world by storm. Delivering over 8.29 million pixels, or four times the resolution of Full High-Definition, you’ll experience the sharpest of details and greatest range of dazzling colours with an Ultra-High Definition 4K TV.

Sit back and enjoy the view

The latest generation of Panasonic TVs are shaping the future of home entertainment with innovations in 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technologies.

With a UHD 4K TV, you’ll enjoy watching your favourite TV shows, movies and sports games with more detail, texture, depth and colour definition.  Many describe the 4K effect like looking through a window instead of watching a screen.

For their 2016 TV range, Panasonic has collaborated with the film community to ensure a spectacular viewing experience. With Panasonic’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible TVs, they are delivering images which are much closer to the way we see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality that’s never been possible before on a television screen.

Brilliant UHD 4K and HDR picture quality is only one part of the story. Panasonic’s 2016 4K UHD TV range is equipped with a brand new chipset called Studio Master HCX, or Studio Master HCX+ on premium models. This exceptional chipset allows for 40 times more colour accuracy compared to a traditional TV, and it has been fine-tuned by leading Hollywood colourists to deliver the best in image processing and the most accurate colour reproduction.

Panasonic’s UHD 4K TVs also feature amazing upscaling technology which boosts the image quality of your favourite programmes, giving you brighter, more lifelike colours and sharper details. Whether you’re enjoying Freeview TV or watching a Blu-ray disc, Panasonic’s UHD 4K TV will upscale your view.
Complete the picture
Panasonic recently launched the DMP-UB900 – New Zealand’s first Ultra-High Definition Blu-ray Player. Designed to perfectly compliment their range of UHD 4K TVs, the UB900 is packed with the best tech so you can enjoy stunning clarity when you watch your favourite films.

Supporting the next-generation UHD 4K Blu-ray video disc standard, the UB900 UHD Blu-ray Player provides precise detail and stunning colour depth, transforming movie and TV show viewing experiences into a visual feast.


What 4K content is available?

TV and movie junkies will be wowed by NETFLIX’s UHD content offering. You’ll be blown away by the realism and vividness of House of Cards, Marco Polo, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist and classic films including Ghostbusters and Jerry Maguire. NETFLIX’s line-up of UHD TV shows, movies, and documentaries is expanding all the time so you’ll never be short of the hottest entertainment options.

NETFLIX themselves have also given Panasonic’s UHD TVs a nod of approval. They have received a “Recommended TV Designation” for their ability to seamlessly launch the NETFLIX service by touching the dedicated Netflix button on the TV remote and their high-quality and superior streaming performance.

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