Decor Ideas

Finding a new home for old furniture in your renovated house

There are many reasons we have certain furniture in our home. Sometimes it is because the item has sentimental value. What do you do with that Art Deco sideboard from nana once you’ve renovated and everything else feels fresh and new ?

First decide if you actually like the item. Is this something you would choose to buy and live with ? If not, then I suggest you find it a new home where it will be truly loved. Perhaps someone else in the family has room for it.

If you find a place for something now it may still become a burden later on. Large items like pianos fall into this category. One day your grandchild MIGHT play the piano, but they also might not. Pianos deserve to be played so find it a new family. But before you do, have a farewell party. Invite the family, play some tunes, take some photos – record it for prosperity – then let it go.

You love it, you have room for it… but it’s out of character with your home. It’s ok to mix and match styles. Often new homes benefit from having an old item, it brings history. Perhaps give the item a new lease of life by recovering or repainting so it feels more at home in its new surroundings.