Decor Ideas

Choosing light fittings

There are a plethora of places offering light fittings. It’s great to have the choice but when renovating sometimes the constant decision making can become a drag.

Here’s a simple plan for selecting light-fittings:

  • Keep to an overall theme for the house, i.e. Mid-century, classic, ultra-modern, or stick to one colour or texture.
  • Group rooms or areas together – ie keep lighting in adjoining rooms the same. Perhaps the hall and lounge or side by side bedrooms.
  • Consider the function, then the design. For example in the hallway of Norfolk street I knew I wanted a glass fitting so as not to disrupt the view through to the garden. This decision helped narrow the search.
  • Pick a price point. There are some amazeball light fittings available. If you want a ‘wow’ feature for one particular room or area, go for it. Then be pragmatic for the rest of the house. Most lighting shops sit at either low or high end.
  • Know your parameters. Some light fittings come with their own cord and ceiling rose, others are just shades. If you have traditional ceiling roses, like the front bedrooms at Norfolk street, then the way the light fitting connects with the ceiling is important to consider.


This is how and why each light fitting was chosen at Norfolk street.

  • Hallway – I choose glass fittings of a smallish size so that they don’t get in the way of the view through to the garden. The glass also lets out plenty of light which is important in a hallway.
  • Olivia’s room – I chose a pink light shade because it’s a kids room and I wanted it to be fun.
  • Spare room – I chose a half round shape to mirror the shape of the bed head. The colour is neutral and the texture adds interest.
  • Study – I chose this fitting so it would blend into its surroundings, equally I could have chosen a ‘feature’ light.  It is maneuverable which is useful above a desk.
  • Master bedroom and hall – I chose small fittings for these rooms because the ceiling is lower. The grey is neutral but gives depth to the white surroundings. The bulb peeking out under the shade creates interest.
  • Stairway – I choose discreet floor lighting to light the stairway. The round shape softens the hard edges of the stairs.