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Can you claim for gradual damage to your home?

You know that leaky downpipe or rotting window frame you keep walking past? It’s time to get it repaired before it leads to something much worse.

While we’re here to cover you for sudden, unexpected and accidental damage and loss, like fire, theft, flood, burglary and accidental breakage, some damage will happen over time. And it’s important to know that you might not be covered for damage that occurs gradually.

Most insurance policies rule out any damage that happens gradually, such as erosion by weather or rotting due to exposure to moisture.

This is because gradual damage can be taken care of by taking reasonable measures to maintain your property and fix any problems as they arise, such as water leaks.

What about damage caused by a slowly leaking pipe?

One type of gradual damage that some house policies do cover is gradual damage caused by leaking internal water pipes. For example, a pipe under your upstairs bathroom has been leaking for months, but you couldn’t see it. Then one day, you notice water stains and bulging in the ceiling below. It’s only then you discover you’ve got a problem. We know you can’t see through walls, so if you discover damage caused by a hidden leak we may be able to help cover the cost of the damage up to a certain amount. But it’s important to know that this cover is usually limited and often the repairs cost more. The main message: prevention is better than cure.

To avoid gradual damage in your home and having to pay a huge amount for repairs, it’s important to check your home regularly for any tell-tale signs of gradual damage. Some key areas to keep an eye on are your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and exteriors (shower leaks, roofs, gutters, downpipes and drainage). If you have an inexplicably high water bill make sure you check for a leak or damage to water pipes.

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